Who I Am

Hi! My name is Michelle and I'm a passionate front-end developer with demonstrated expertise in project management. I have excelled at design execution with pixel perfect precision. I have a solid understanding of accessibility best practices and overall user experience in web applications.

When I am not developing really cool websites or updating my skills, you can find me exploring new locations, discovering new music and planning my next adventure.

My Projects

PSD Conversion

A three page PSD Conversion application of a restaurant website using SCSS.

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Nomad Traveller

A creative JavaScript application built using the Nomad List API that helps users budget for a trip based on certain travel habits. Developed in collaboration with Nick Evans & Jessica Ho.

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Breakup Generator

An interactive application that utilizes the jQuery library, and helps users breakup with someone in a playful manner. Built in collaboration with Johnathon Dirstein.

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Goal Digger

A fun and interactive web application that allows users to create an account, login and create, track or remove goals. Built using React and Firebase.

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